What are U values in glazing?

Using a calculation system known as the U value (or U factor), double glazing can be measured for its energy efficiency in comparison to other types of windows. Any type of building can be analyzed by the U value, which is a measure of how well that component retains heat. Moreover, the lower the U […]

Replacement windows and doors

With our bespoke service, we will work with you to design products that are stylish and useful for your home. Our expert teams handle every aspect of the project, from initial design consultation to fabrication and installation. Aston Windows believes that improving your home does not have to be expensive. So we have formed a […]

Condensation in windows

As a result of the exterior surface temperature of your windows falling below the dew point of the surrounding atmosphere, condensation occurs on the exterior of your windows. When humidity levels are high outside, such as in the spring, summer, and fall, when warm days are followed by cool nights, this type of condensation is […]

How to choose double glazing?

Replacing windows and doors in your residence can be a challenging undertaking. A double glazing company that you can trust to supply and install new windows and doors is very important when buying new windows and doors. As a first step, you should examine the products that are offered by the business. Are they made […]